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Forgot Hotmail Email Address, But Not Password. How To Recover Account Then?

Isn't it hilarious when we remember only the password but couldn't collect the email address?

But forgetting a username can lead to numerous issues as you might have used your email address for certain subscription, shared with important clients and friends. So, recovering the account becomes hell important in order to retrieve the access.

These situations hardly arrive but if you are facing one then there are certain solutions you can apply for recovering the email.

In case if you don't remember what security question you have used at the time of making an account or your alternative email address doesn't exist anymore then there is alternative for recovering the username.

In such case, the user is required to provide all the details regarding their email. Even blocked account can be retrieved with this method.

Now, follow the steps mentioned below to recover your email-

  • a. Go to Hotmail sign in page.
  • b. Select 'Can't access your account?'.
  • c. There will be three options available on next webpage 'I forgot my password, I know my password and username, but cannot sign in and I think someone else is using my Microsoft account'. Select the first option.
  • d. Now pick 'Reset your password'.
  • e. Type your email address and the displayed Captcha. Then click Next.
  • f. Select 'I cannot use any of these options' mentioned below Security question option.
  • g. Type your secondary email address under 'contact email address' when 'Recover your Microsoft account' appears on screen.
  • h. Fill all the information regarding your username and then Submit when 'Account Info' page appears.

Call on Hotmail Account Recovery Number if unable to fix the issue at 1-844-478-5758

These steps will help in recovering the account. But in case if you are unable to re-access your email, then don’t panic. Get in contact with the experts and professionals of technical support number for other solutions. Our team is available 24/7. You can also contact us at our toll-free number +1-844-478-5758 for instant response.


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