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Create A Strong Password for Your Microsoft Hotmail Account

We all know that 'password' as password is the default one for many accounts and devices we use. But your device and account is at risk if you keep using the same default one. Same is the case with using simple and easy to crack it.

Let's Learn How To Create A Strong Hotmail Password You Require

1. Simple and default: We don't recommend you to create a simple and easy to crack. Your important and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, bank account details and emails are at the risk. So, create one which is strong and easy to recollect but hard to crack. The passwords set for any device such as modem or router should also be changed to a strong one as well.

When you login for any web service, like free web based mail account of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail!, the password you will enter is checked for its strength, so keep looking until you create a 'very strong', 'best' or 'strong' when you are checking for its strength.

2. How to make a simple but a strong: It's very common to use name or surname, birth place, birth date or your pet's name as your password. Anybody who knows you well can easily guess it. An easy password can be easily guessed and crack using a cracker programs, so it's better to avoid using east to guess and crack ones.

In order to start creating it which is simple to recollect but strong enough to crack through cracker programs. For that try thinking of a phrase or sentence that only you remember and don't reveal the phrase to anybody.

3. Create an easy to remember simple using a phrase: Example phrase: Greatness is not growing in size, but in activity and beauty. So, based on above phrase create a simple password by using the first letter of each word and you have GINGISBIAAB. Though, it is simple but a weak one.

4. Making it strong: Now that you have easy to remember password from the phrase, so now concentrate on making it strong by replacing the characters with other letters. The user can add numbers along with the letters.

These are the simple tricks to follow while creating a password for your Hotmail account. Though it will not be 100% strong on cracker but is able to secure and safeguard your confidential information.

Hotmail Support Team Can Help You In Creating A Strong Password

If your password is still not strong enough to register then don’t worry. Professionals of Hotmail Support Canada are there to help you with this issue. You can contact our experts anytime without thinking twice. We are also available at our toll-free number 1-844-478-5758. Our team is there to resolve every email related issue. Contact us anytime as we can be reached 24/7.


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