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How to Make Hotmail Account Secure and Safe- Two-step verification

Using Microsoft account offers security and safety. If you are using any service or products of Microsoft, then you own a Microsoft email. You use Hotmail account to log in into your phone to download apps and for tracking your phone if you have ever lost it.

Hotmail/ Outlook is one of the product of Microsoft and its security is very important as it is a door to confidential data to your activity history. So, if you are Microsoft user you need to ensure security on your account.

What is the remedy for this security issue?

The answer is simple. Set up two-step verification on your account.

Why Two-step Verification?

The first question that might have strike your mind that why do I need two-step verification?

Simple, you have one Hotmail which connects you to different services and products, so it's really important to do everything to protect your account. You have your email address and password making and keeping your digital world secure. 2 step verification works when you add another step to gain access to your account when you sign in. In addition to password, you will be using a code which will be generated in a variety of ways i.e. email, SMS text, phone call or through an authenticator application. It works like an added layer of protection.

How to Set 2-Step Verification for Your Hotmail Account Using a Phone Number-

  • a. Go to login page of Microsoft account and sign in with your details. (Simultaneously, you can also use Outlook and go to Account Settings).
  • b. Select the Set up 2-step verification link and then click on Next.
  • c. Click on A phone number option from drop down and enter your phone number.
  • d. Now select whether you want to receive security code through a call or text and then click on Next.
  • e. Enter the code which you have received on phone. Now click Next.
  • f. Click Next and then select Finish to complete.

You can also set up 2 step verification with an email address and with authenticator app.

Unable To Activate Two Step Verification? What To Do? Contact Us

If you are finding any difficulty in setting up 2 step verification code on your email account, then get in touch with our professionals who are skilled and expert in providing help for any email related issue at Hotmail technical support number 1-844-478-5758. You can contact us via live chat and email also. We are available at your service for 24/7. You can also dial our toll-free number 1-844-478-5758 for instant solutions.


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